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Unchained Brands started with a very simple, yet meaningful 3-ring design. The signature rings of our product collection symbolize our core values of courage, community and compassion.

Our mission is based on the convergence of our product collection and our support community. We are proud to provide a portion of our proceeds to benefit MusiCares®, a non-profit organization that provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.

Our designs were born in LA in the mind and hands of our co-founder, professional musician Johnny Griparic. Johnny designed, built and road tested the 3-ring chain on stages around the world, from club gigs to arena tours. From inception, the positive feedback to the chain design was inspiring. This also led Johnny to wonder: Could this "chain" hold a greater meaning? On June 6th, 2019, in a recording studio in Sierra Madre, CA, Johnny and co-founder James Pace Piacentino first met. Within minutes of James seeing the chain, it clicked... A rock 'n' roll lifestyle brand that GIVES BACK was born. The vision of a company that inspires and helps others, once just an idea, became a reality.

We believe that beliefs drive behavior. We believe in those who share common values. We believe in people who give back. This is who we are as individuals and this is what Unchained Brands will always be all about.

Together, we will lead the journey to inspire through our products and our community. We hope you will join us.

Our Core Values Courage Having the courage to confront any obstacles in your life. Community Having a community to support positive change in one’s life. Compassion Having the ability to see past challenges and have compassion and empathy to support others.
Our Founders
Johnny profile


I grew up in a fairly large industrial town in Sweden, pretty far from the life that I was dreaming of, a life of living and playing music in America. In 1990, I took a big leap and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of making it as a professional musician. It wasn’t long before my dreams became reality and I was DOING IT, playing every night, going from club gigs to arena tours and hanging out with my musical heroes. I have to say that things were looking pretty good.

Somewhere along the way I started to get sidetracked and lost. Fond memories and great musical experiences started getting replaced with parties, hangovers and blackouts. It is hard to say when and where I got on the wrong track, but I was slowly destroying my life, and I knew it, but I just simply wasn’t able to stop.

The opportunity presented itself when I probably least deserved it. A group of friends got together and contacted MusiCares on my behalf to get me into rehab (again). This time it was different and I knew it. The party was over, end of the road, last chance, live or die. As many that have struggled with any addiction know, the road to recovery isn’t a straight one or an easy one.

I was lucky. I only had to change one thing and that was EVERYTHING. As a result of giving up drugs and alcohol, began a vegan diet and a regular regimen of exercise and meditation. Today I’m living a life that is far beyond anything I thought possible only a few years ago.

I know that none of this would be possible without the help and support of friends, family and the sober community. I am forever grateful to you.

James profile


Growing up in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area was an environment that embraced all artistic expressions. Early on, the guitar seemed to find it’s way to me and has brought me everything in life. I have always had a deep relationship with the music business, even entertaining a dance or two with several corporate record labels. Throughout my life’s up and downs, music has always been a healing component.

As a kid, music served as a soothing mechanism... It was an escape. My dad was an alcoholic and being part of a family with an alcoholic puts stress on each family member, everyday. As with most things in life, there were good days and bad - Most of the time, he had a long struggle to find health and happiness. Observing this pain has shaped me as a person and has shaped my understanding of the power of addiction. Unfortunately, we lost my father to this disease; but now, he and my business partner are my driving force to help others.

It is evident that the music industry has a complicated relationship with addiction. From my personal experiences, when someone falls down, they just need a hand to get back up – just some support. That’s what we want to achieve here; To give back through our MusiCares partnership and to provide a community of support to help those find success in their life journey. We are bonded together by having the courage, compassion and community to heal each other. Come join us and let’s make a difference together.